Paris in Six Hours

On Saturday, February 17, Erin and I took a three-hour train to Paris. I had never been to Paris before and it has always been a place I've dreamed of going. The day started with a croissant for breakfast of course (even though I bought it in the Netherlands). The train ride went by quick and... Continue Reading →


Valentijnsdag in Rotterdam & The Hague

Wednesday, February 14 Happy Valentines Day! Today at our school Erin and I were placed in group B (4 and 5-year-olds). These are probably the cutest kids I've ever met. We started the day in circle time and told the kids a little bit about our life in Texas. Most of the school day involved... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Our New Home

Thursday, February 8 On our fourth day at Nutsschool, we observed a group five classroom (age 8). This class seemed a lot different than the past two classes we observed in because the teacher gave the students so much freedom. The teacher would leave the classroom for an upwards of fifteen minutes at a time... Continue Reading →

From Nutsschool to Amsterdam

Monday, February 5 On Monday we all got up bright and early to head to Den Haag Hogeschool (the university in The Hague). There we met Sigurd and Nora where they gave us a tour of the university and share a little about each of our schools. They also reminded us to be direct, because... Continue Reading →

Arrived in Den Haag

On Saturday we finally arrived in The Netherlands! Once we got off our flight, Erin and I got on a train to Delft. There was some confusion at the train station because of the language barrier and lack of sleep, but fortunately, we made it to Delft where we were picked up by Mr. Rimmelzwaan... Continue Reading →

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